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Our Team

Ionas Iona - CEO

He was born in Nicosia in 1983. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio), with high honors (ranked amongst the 15% of his class). After completing his studies, he worked as a developer of software applications at Indelde LTD & Inteliscape LTD (member Logicom Group), offering services for the design and development of world class software applications for clients such as banks, internet service providers, and the Cypriot government. In 2015, he founded JoinMyWifi, a company with expertise in wireless technologies and software programming that has combined both and developed an innovative WiFi Marketing Solution. Their cloud software can be connected with any existing WiFi, and transform it into a marketing tool. This tool helps businesses collect customer data and communicate with customers, mainly within the WiFi area. Competitors have to install their software on each WiFi antenna in a network. Their main innovation and competitive advantage is that they only use one small wireless appliance which connects the client’s entire network with their cloud software. This leads to less management time and lower costs. JoinMyWifi consists of a team of 8 individuals. It has partnered with IDEA (Bank of Cyprus incubator), received EU funding for innovation, came in 5th place in the annual national Digital Championship competition 2019, and has registered the IP rights and trademarks for their innovative software.

Andreas Zenios - CSO

He was born in Nicosia in 1983. He is a childhood friend of Ionas Iona and together they have cooperated on numerous projects through the years. He holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Cyprus from which he graduated in 2008. He is an extremely sharp individual who is highly motivated and strives for perfection in all the projects he undertakes. He has 3 years’ experience in sales at Group4 Security Systems, 2 years’ experience as a mathematics teacher at Neorama, 2 years’ experience as an operations manager at EasyServe and extensive experience as business development & marketing manager at GAP Vasilopoulos. His all-around experience is crucial in a startup such as this one because, he is the one that brings efficiency algorithms to the software, optimization of operations and along with sales management, aspects which will be even more important as the company gets bigger and bigger.

Dimitris Zenios - CTO

He is a very versatile and professional software developer with extensive experience in developing innovative software solutions. He is passionate about open source development technologies and is currently involved in several open source projects by regularly submitting patches for fixing bugs and software related issues (SDL, Tapestry, Gnome builder, Empathy). Key technologies and platforms he has worked with involve C, Java, SDL, Cairo, GTK, GLIB, Apache Tapestry, XMLRPC, REST Services, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JPA, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React JS, Rest, JSON, Linux, and Windows software development, embedded, and mobile device development such as Android, Apple, IPTV Set Top Box software development, and a plethora of other projects that bring us to believe that his contribution to the project will be substantial as our lead software developer.