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Written by Andreas Zenios on Jan 23 2021
Before 2020, the restaurant and food service industry was considered one of the most successful businesses to get into. However, there have been massive changes in the industry over the past year, with the pandemic shutting down hundreds of businesses across the world.
Written by Andreas Zenios on Jan 22nd 2021
COVID-19 has impacted nearly all the aspects of our social life, including dining out. The food service sector has been forced to contend with a sudden jump toward digitization, and it's been a sink or swim kind of situation for businesses that were afraid to go digital and adapt to technological changes.
Here are the multiple reasons why your restaurant needs an Online Food Ordering System today!
Written by Jayden Smith on Dec. 18th 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc over the past few months. Here are safety and sanitation tips for a successful restaurant reopening.
Written by Jayden Smith on Dec. 17th 2020
Do you want to cut down your restaurant expense without hurting sales? Check out these five tips to maximize profitability without compromising on quality.
Written by Muhammad Subhan on Nov. 22nd 2020
In recent years, we have seen a remarkable shift in technology in the restaurant industry worldwide. From in-house orders only to get your favorite food at the expense of a few clicks, food tech companies are entering new markets and brands invest in their products. All these bring a whole new level of convenience for the consumers and limitless options...
Written by Muhammad Subhan on Oct. 1st 2020
Modern technologies are making businesses more manageable for the owners. You can take the help of different software to automate tedious tasks of your business processes so that you can focus on more revenue-generating strategies for your company...
Written by Andreas Zenios on Nov. 02nd 2020
Restaurants are quickly realizing that an easy touchless browsing and ordering option is now more than ever essential amid the coronavirus. Is this a temporary solution or is it the future? ...
Written by Madiha Riaz on Nov. 10th 2020
The world today is witnessing a rapid evolutionary phase where everything is digitizing and shifting to online streams. This has made the old order taking methods quite boring and inauspicious ...
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In the HoReCa environment, for most of the businesses, automation, efficiency, and speed are the key factors of their success. An entire industry was created based on these values. One, if not the most, fundamental problem yet to be solved, is the line of communication from the customer to the kitchen and vice versa. 

Our objective is to minimize the number of actions needed and therefore maximize the efficiency and the speed of service. Our solution allows users to browse a digital menu, place an order, call a waiter for help, and pay directly from their smartphone.

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